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The relevance of international law, A Hegelian Interpretation of a Peculiar Seventeenth Century Preoccupation by Erik Ringmar

This article emphasizes the significance of international law in the modern era. The great philosophers of international law themselves were always skeptical about the importance of international law in the national interest dominated international society. Erik Ringmar tries to defend this aspect of international law scholars by analytically studying the theories of these scholars specially Hegel. Erik Ringmar reference of Swedish king Gustav Adolf and the long discussions in his council of various aspects of international law is very interesting. After analyzing Hegel's theory, he has efficiently applied his deductions in Swedish discussion of international law mainly inspired by Grotius. The notion of international law as a weak law is defended by analyzing the constituents of Hegel's theory of law.

For better understanding of Hegel's postulate of law in this article a comparative study of Hegel's and Immanuel Kant's theory of law is done. But Hegel's theory of law explained by Erik Ringmar gives clarity of thoughts and factors of right and recognition explains the theory of law in much better way. The men's desire to be recognized by the fellow men induces him to follow the rules and this system and standard is set by law. This principle of ethical community of individuals was applied to relation between the states. The state must be recognized by his inhabitants and other states. After recognition state becomes the member of group recognized states and develop a code of conduct with each other. Recognition in terms of Hegel for states came by war with other states. International law becomes very important during crisis for recognition like Renaissance period in France.  

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