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The Geneva Protocol by David Hunter Miller

This book is a commentary on 'The Geneva Protocol' focusing on its legal aspect by a famous US lawyer and expert in international law, David Hunter Miller. This work assumes greater importance as the author himself was closely associated with the drafting of covenant of League of Nations. This book will give a clear idea about The Geneva Protocol from its evolving stage and the various difficulties encountered from the time of its drafting to ratification by the states and its coming into force. This book has beautifully dealt with the technicalities raised by the various clauses of the protocol, like ratification by non members of League of Nations and its effects. He has brilliantly analyzed the effects of various articles of protocols which prohibit the members from resorting to war and reduction of armaments in international relations, sanctions on member states for aggression.

David Hunter Miller has analyzed the Geneva Protocol in context of political scenario prevailing at the time of coming into force of the protocol. This book will give the reader a good insight into objectives of Geneva Protocol. The main objective of the Geneva Protocol settlement of international dispute is thoroughly dealt in this book. He has made an immense study of the shortcoming of the Geneva Protocol and impracticability of its various articles. There is a marvellous comparison and close study of various provisions of covenant of League of Nation and The Geneva Protocol. The Geneva protocol is one of the cornerstones for the development of branch of international law on disarmament. Though this book is written seventy five years ago in simple language it will surely give a new approach to the reader towards international law.  

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