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Library laws of the state of California by California

This book consists of library laws contained in the different statutes and enactments of state of California. This compilation also contains specific legislations which deal with the establishment, regulation and maintenance of public libraries in the state of California. The close examination of these provisions will throw light on the privileged position and protection given to public libraries in California. The political code of California extensively deals with the constitution, power and function of the state libraries. The general law dealing with libraries gives the detail guidelines for the establishment, functions and maintenance of libraries by private and government organizations at various levels.

The library laws show that libraries are not only learning points but it is an instrument and point of distribution of state publications and reports to other important organization. The constitution of California exempts the library from taxation and penal law prohibits and punishes any crime against the library property. This compilation of library law will be very helpful for the reader to understand the structure and functioning of present public libraries in California. This book a century old will give a single reference point for the reader for the various library laws of California of early twentieth century.  

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