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In the Public Interest: The Future of Canadian Copyright Law by Michael Geist

This is a collection of 19 essays on reforms in Canadian Copyright laws and an insight into the nature of future Canadian copyright laws. Michael Geist has compiled this collection of essays by scholars of Copyright laws following an informative introduction by him. This was made in wake of the presentation of Bill C-60 in the Canadian parliament for continuing the reforms in copyright laws and incorporating more provisions for changes brought in creator's right by information technology. This bunch of essay will not only enrich reader's knowledge of Canadian Copyright laws but the reader will surely realize the effect of these reforms as an end user also. These essays examine the existing Copyright laws and discuss the reforms needs to be brought in and Bill C-60 in depth. This collection had made the discussion of wide range of topics related to Copyright laws under single head.

The first three essays provide a good framework for Bill C-60 by focusing on different aspect of Copyright laws. By focusing on creator's interest, social interest and incorporating provisions of WIPO internet treaties. These essays also discusses the anti circumvention provisions in relation to the Canadian constitutional law. The bulk of the essays are devoted to the concerns raised by the recording industry from file sharing to the role of internet service providers. Most of the essays have done a good analysis of various reforms introduced in other legal system in Copyright laws and its sub sequential effects. Some essays have come up with good recommendations for making legislative reform in the Copyright laws. There are essays which uphold the rights and concern of education community with the proposed reforms.  

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