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Freedom of Expression by Kembrew McLeod

Freedom of expression is a scholarly piece of work by Kembrew McLeod on new dimensions of intellectual property. This book has immensely dealt with the expansion of intellectual property laws in the last two decades and the drastic changes it has undergone with the advent of internet and related technologies. He has dealt the positive and negative impact of intellectual property laws in the society. On one hand when the trademark laws prevent unfair trade practices and patent laws provides economic securities for the inventor, on the other hand when the corporate world getting trademark for commonly used sayings and the patent on drugs make hindrances in its further research and its availability to the needy persons. Some new development in various fields of intellectual property has been invoked frequently to infringe the right of freedom of expression.

Kembrew McLeod an eminent journalist has beautifully explained the concepts and conflicts of intellectual property law in terms of common man. The competition arising in the corporate world for the copyright, patent and trademark is explained with funny incidents. In this book Kembrew McLeod raised a serious concern with the use of new patent, copyright and trademark law as an instrument for commercial exploitation and creating monopoly over creation of human mind. He challenges the privatization of mind’s creation by invoking various laws of intellectual property which are actually meant for encourage its sharing and public utility. The author has given an overview of far reaching effects of this new intellectual property laws in fields like agriculture, music, medicine, biotechnology.  

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