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Code version 2.0 by Lawrence Lessig

This book is an outstanding work and must read for anyone who has interest in cyberspace and its regulation and the future cyberspace. This is a masterpiece of Lawrence Lessig and a significant work which anticipates the menace of internet and cyberspace while most of us are overwhelmed with the advantages of this newly created digital world. Lawrence Lessig is a lawyer but his work cannot be confined as a legal work on cyberspace. This book gives the transformation of cyberspace from the brainchild of researchers to a space expanded by commercial giants and if left unregulated will transform into a space where the individual's liberty and privacy will be at stake. He has discussed the challenges of enforcing an ordinary law in cyber space. But with the increasing activities through internet it has become necessary for the governments to intervene.

The author has emphasized the need to redefine the existing legislation with the advent of internet and related technologies. The activities of the cyberspace are governed by the various hardware and software codes. Thus Lawrence Lessig comes forward with an idea of regulating the architecture of the code for that particular space. He also advocates the reforms in American constitution to meets the new challenges of laws of the cyberspace. He insists on a balance between the protection of privacy and freedom and regulabilty of the cyber space. In this book Lawrence Lessig has interlinked internet, intellectual property and privacy and freedom of speech. It will be an easy read for people with some background of constitutional law. People from other backgrounds will also find this book fascinating as it deals with technological, legal and socio-political aspect of cyber space in wonderful way.

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