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A Pragmatic Legal Expert System (May 21, 1996) by James Popple

The legal profession is known for maintaining a traditional approach more depended on human intellectuals and hard work rather on click of a mouse in legal research. This book will give a good insight of use of artificial intelligence in the field of law i.e. legal expert system. The legal expert system is divided into two categories legal retrieval system and legal analysis system. This book focuses on the latter part of legal expert system. This book is written as a dissertation for a doctoral degree by James Popple. He has done his best efforts to give as much as information regarding the subject in a systematic manner. He has explained the technicalities of legal expert system and its importance and advantages of its application. He has elaborately dealt Shyster one of the specific legal expert system.

Legal expert system is different from the other software applications which examine the database and gives the result. This uses an element of legal expertise used by lawyers in their day to day legal activities. This book has given the theoretical aspect of the development of legal expert system and testing of specific legal expert system Shyster in this book. Shyster is case based legal expert system. Its knowledge is acquired by knowledge about cases. It examines the similarity and differences of the current case with the acquire knowledge and argue for its application and gives result. This book has given various examples of implementation of Shyster and it linking with rule based legal expert system. The scope of future research is also provided in this book.

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