How to Analyze People on Sight by Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict

Every one of us makes a first impression of a person relying on our instinct. This book deals with deducting concrete perception of an individual through his external characteristics at first sight. The author has beautifully described the science of human analysis as an art which anyone with interest in observing human behaviour can develop. The science of human analysis says that a particular thought sets an action and a persistent action leaves a particular characteristic on an individual. In the same manner some external characters give preferences and inclination towards certain actions and thinking pattern.

To simplify this theory of human analysis the author has divided the human being into five different types fatty, thoracic with high chest and florid faced, muscular, osseous or bony and cerebral. Each type has specific traits, behaviour and perspective of life. Human analysis is useful in all spheres of life. It increases our understanding of ourselves and our limitations. In this book author has applied the human analysis of different types of human being to find right life partner. Every type of human being is born with some skills so, identifying this will help in professional life. Hence understanding of human behaviour in context of external characteristics will surely increase our perception of people living around us and will make this world a better place to live.



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