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This page aims to provide free sculpture ebooks. Subjects covered in this ebooks are die casting, elements of sculpture, sculpture of palaces and courts, wood and metal engraving, portraits in engraving, etc and more.

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1 Fundamentals of Die Castign Design (1999) Genick Bar-Meir, Ph.D GNU Free Documentation License Download " "
2 Aratra Pentelici, Seven Lectures on the Elements of Sculpture Given before the University of Oxford in Michaelmas Term, 1870 John Ruskin Project Gutenberg-tm License Download " "
3 Sculpture of the Exposition Palaces and Courts Juliet Helena Lumbard James Project Gutenberg-tm License Download " "

4 Donatello, by Lord Balcarres Earl of David Lindsay Crawford Project Gutenberg-tm License Download " "
5 Ariadne Florentina Six Lectures on Wood and Metal Engraving John Ruskin Project Gutenberg-tm License Download " "
6 The Best Portraits in Engraving Charles Sumner Project Gutenberg-tm License Download " "
7 Why Bewick Succeeded A Note in the History of Wood Engraving Jacob Kainen Project Gutenberg-tm License Download " "
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Mail us your ebook zip file and its license text to for including it in this list. Topic should be about Free-standing sculpture, sound sculpture, light sculpture, jewelery making, relief sculpture, site specific art sculpture, kinetic sculpture, statue sculpture, stacked art, architectural sculpture, Egyptian sculpture, African sculptures, European sculptures, stone carving sculptures, bronze sculptures, wood carving sculptures, ceramic sculptures and casting sculptures, etc. We will review it and will update it in this library as soon as possible!

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