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These all are free of cost political science ebooks. You are free to download it and use. Topics comprises in these e books are republican war, theory of social revolutions, athenian constitution, politics of natural section and inheritance, cult of incompetence, rights of man, treatise of government, representative government, political ideals, civil disobedience and more.

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1 Looking for a Fight: Is There a Republican War on Science? John Holbo Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Generic Download " "
2 The Theory of Social Revolutions Brooks Adams Project Gutenberg-tm License Download " "
3 The Athenian Constitution Aristotle Project Gutenberg-tm License Download " "

4 Physics and Politics, or, Thoughts on the application of the principles of "natural selection" and "inheritance" to political society Walter Bagehot Project Gutenberg-tm License Download " "
5 The Cult of Incompetence Émile Faguet Project Gutenberg-tm License Download " "
6 The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizens Georg Jellinek Project Gutenberg-tm License Download " "
7 Second Treatise of Government John Locke Project Gutenberg-tm License Download " "
8 Considerations on Representative Government John Stuart Mill Project Gutenberg-tm License Download " "
9 Political Ideals Bertrand Russell Project Gutenberg-tm License Download " "
10 Civil Disobedience Henry David Thoreau Project Gutenberg-tm License Download " "
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Mail us your ebook zip file and its license text to for including it in this list. Topic should be about political science, gazettes, general legislative and executive papers, state of union addresses, senate, house of representatives, debates of legislative assembly, parliamentary debates, inaugural address, votes and proceedings, elections, political theory, athenian constitution, kautilya's arthasastra, treatise of governments, political treatise, principles of natural and political laws, political ideals, globalization, sovereignty, governance, social defense, imperialism, human rights, freedom, cultural traditions, liberty and democracy, Political Institutions and Public Administration, Local and Municipal Government, Colonies, Colonization, Migration, and International Relations, etc. We will review it and will update it in this library as soon as possible!

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