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Free BioGeography Ebooks

1.Biogeography Lecture Notes

Author(s):University of Colorado Boulder

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2.Taxonomy, Biogeography, and Notes on Termites

Author(s):Rudolf H. Scheffrahn, Jan Krecek, James A. Chase, Boudanath Maharajh and John R. Mangold

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3.Equilibrium Theory Of Island Biogeography And Ecology

Author(s):Daniel S. Simberlof

Read online at

4.Plant Taxonomy and Biogeography Handouts

Author(s):Dr. Jebb

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5.Theory and Design of Nature Reserves

Author(s):Kent E. Holsinger

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6.Estimating Biogeographic Histories


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7.Fundamentals of Biogeography

Author(s):Richard John Huggett

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8.Biogeography:Distribution of Plants and Animals


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9.What is biogeography

Author(s):Prof. J. Hicke

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10.An introduction to appliedbiogeography

Author(s):Ian F. Spellerberg and John W. D. Sawyer

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