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Free Astrochemistry Ebooks

1.Astrochemistry the issue of molecular complexity in astrophysical environments

Author(s): M. De Becker

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2.Modern Concepts in Laboratory Astrochemistry from Molecules, through Nanoparticles to Grains

Author(s):Stephan Schlemmer, Harald Mutschke, Thomas Giesen

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3. Astrochemistry I. Basic processes

Author(s):Ewine F. van Dishoeck

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4.The Outer Solar System: Chemical Constraints At Low Temperatures On Planet Formation

Author(s):Jonathan I. Lunine

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Author(s):ETH Zurich

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6.Fundamentals of Atmospheric Chemistry and Astrochemistry

Author(s):Claire Vallance

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7.Cold Plasmas and their applications to astrochemistry


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8.Astrochemistry from Astronomy to Astrobiology

Author(s): Andrew M. Shaw

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9.Astrophysical and astrochemical insights into the origin of life

Author(s):Institute Of Physics Publishing

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10.Astrochemistry: Synthesis and Modelling

Author(s):Valentine Wakelam

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