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Free Artificial Intelligence Ebooks

1. Artificial Intelligence Course Notes

Author(s):Ray Toal

Read online at

2. Artificial Intelligence Lecture Notes MIT

Author(s): Prof. Leslie Kaelbling and Prof. Tomas Lozano-Perez

Read online at

3. Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach

Author(s):Stuart J. Russell and Peter Norvig

Read online at

4.Artificial Intelligence for Beginners

Author(s): Tutorialspoint

Read online at

5. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?


Read online at

6.Artificial Intelligence: Overview

Author(s):Marcus Hutter

Read Online at

7.Artificial Intelligence-A Guide to Intelligent Systems

Author(s):Michael Negnevitsky

Read Online at

8. Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming With Java

Author(s): Mark Watson

Read Online at

9.The Quest for Artificial Intelligence

Author(s): Nils J. Nilsson, Stanford University

Read Online at

10.Brief Introduction to Educational Implications of Artificial Intelligence

Author(s):David Moursund

Read Online at

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