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Free Amplifier Circuits Ebooks

1.Class D Audio Amplifier Design

Author(s): International Rectifier

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2. Common Cathode Amplifier Design Ideas

Author(s):John Broskie

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3. BJT Amplifier Circuits

Author(s):University of South Carolina

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4.Fully Integrated CMOS Power Amplifier Design Using the Distributed Active Transformer Architecture

Author(s):California Inst. of Technology

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5.Electronic Amplifier Circuits

Author(s):Joseph Mayo Pettit, Malcolm Myers McWhorter

Read online at

6.Handbook Of Operational Amplifier Applications

Author(s): Bruce Carter and Thomas R. Brown

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7.Operational-Amplifier Circuits

Author(s):NTUEE Electronics - L.H. Lu

Read Online at

8.Power Amplifier Circuits in CMOS Technologies

Author(s): Jonas Fritzin

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9.Audio Amplifier Circuit

Author(s):ECE 2C Laboratory Manual

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10.Horizontal Amplifier Circuits

Author(s): Kenneth L. Arthur

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