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Free Agriculture Ebooks

1. Crop Production

Author(s): Aakash Goyal and Muhammad Asif

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2. Plant Breeding from Laboratories to Fields

Author(s): Sven Bode Andersen

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3. Farm science; a foundation textbook on agriculture

Author(s): William Jasper Spillman

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4.The Elements of Agriculture

Author(s): George E. Waring

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5. Agriculture and Ecosystems

Author(s):The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

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6. An introduction to agriculture statistics

Author(s):Ernie Boyko And Christopher Hill

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7. A Textbook Of Agronomy

Author(s):B. Chandrasekaran, K. Annadurai, E. Somasundaram

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8.Introduction To Agriculture And Agronomy

Author(s): Mirza Hasanuzzaman

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9. Agriculture

Author(s): Zucong Cai, Daniel Gwary, Henry Janzen, Pushpam Kumar, Bruce McCarl, Stephen Ogle, Frank O'Mara, Charles Rice ,Bob Scholes , Oleg Sirotenko

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10.Indian Agriculture - An Introduction

Author(s):MM Pandey

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