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Cosmology is a subdivision of metaphysics, which tries to explain the whole universe along with its isolated past and its future along with its birth, growth, shape, size and eventual fate and also explains the existence and nature of reality. Cosmology is actually a branch of astronomy where the cosmologists use physics and chemistry for their observational and theoretical techniques.

Observational astronomy and particle physics are brought closer by the Big Bang theory which is dealt by the modern cosmology. Study of physical origin and evolution f the universe using physics and astrophysics in scientific observation and experiment is called physical cosmology. Earlier it was called as celestial mechanics which means the study of the heavens. Universe as it exists today is the result of Big Bang. Studies show that approximately 13.5-13.9 billion years ago the universe came into existence from an expansion of space.

According to the cosmologists the physical laws govern the history of universe due to its aggressive start. Initial proposal of such a theory was done by Roger Bacon and was later supported by Dmitry Grinevich. Metaphysical cosmology is an ancient field of study that explains the connection between religion and science. Man in the universe connected with other entities is explained by metaphysical cosmology. The difference between religion and philosophy is explained by esoteric cosmology. It depends more on intellectual understanding than faith and spirituality is used as a determining concept. For the past two-plus millennia mankind is finding truths about the universe. The scientific discipline of physical cosmology is being used by the Modern cosmology.

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