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The system of economy constituting a situation for business is called commerce where as, business is an organization where activities are done for profit. Political, social, cultural, technological, legal, and economic systems are all connected with commerce. The business prospects of an economy or a country can be affected by commerce. Goods are transferred from producers to consumers in a business where different activities, functions and institutions are involved. In such a case commerce can be defined as a second component. Commerce can usually be connected with words like banking, advertising and trading etc. Even though commerce and trade are two different aspects there is some connectivity between them. We get a non figurative concept of buying and selling from Commerce while exact act of exchange or exchange of definite set of goods is called a trade. From the prehistoric times itself we can trace Commerce. Trading was facilitated as self sufficiency was gained.

According to Historian Peter Watson commerce existed from about 150,000 years ago. Barter system was prevalent during the prehistoric period. A consistent money facility came into existence by the introduction of currency. As a result, exchange of goods and services became easy which solved the problem of "double coincidence of wants" which was a necessary factor of barter system. Coins from some Ancient World large-scale societies are kept as collections with numismatists. Products and services are supplied to the market at a lowest production cost for gaining profit by different companies. Today these companies together form a part of commerce.

An extensive change was possible in the world economy due to the system of international trade. The third-world markets involving local products have been debilitated in order to achieve free trade or lower tariffs by bilateral or multilateral agreements. Today Electronic commerce or e-commerce is very prevalent. With the help of electronic systems like internet or such other computer networks a customer can buy or sell products or services just by sitting at home. This is called electronic commerce. Advertising, developing, paying, selling, distributing and even overhauling of products or services can be done through online process. The wide usage of internet has developed trade to a large extent. The World Wide Web, e-mail, mobile devices and telephones are being used in Modern electronic commerce. e-tail and e-tailers are simultaneously the online retail and online retailers. The World Wide Web today includes more or less all big retailers.

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