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The science of matter and its properties, structure and composition, behavior, reactions, interactions and the changes it undergoes is called Chemistry. It is physical science. Scientists engaged in chemical research are called chemists. Since chemistry hooks up physics with other natural sciences such as astronomy, geology and biology it is also called as "the central science". Chemistry utilizes physics but cannot be said to be a branch of physics as physics is the science that deals with the quantities of space and matter, and laws governing them. To explain the spontaneity of chemical processes, quantities like energy and entropy is used by chemistry. The physical properties of chemical substances and their interactions can be utilized to explain the structure and properties of matter. Chemistry is a separate science from physics and biology by way of synthesis. The acquaintance of designing and forming compound substances from simpler ones and then examining for its physical or biological properties is chemistry. There is dispute with regard to the origin of the word chemistry. In the Middle East alchemy had been practiced for several years.

Substances like metals, crystals, elementary particles, atoms, molecules, and other aggregates of matter are dealt within Chemistry. Diverse forms of laboratory glassware are used to study the interactions, reactions and transformations resulted from the interaction of different chemical substances or between matter and energy. When some substances changes into one or more other substances it is called a chemical reaction. A chemical equation is the symbolic representation of a chemical reaction. When a chemical transformation is represented in a chemical equation, the number of atoms on both side of the equation should be same.

Chemical laws are basic rules that govern the type of chemical reactions a substance goes through with the energy changes occurred. In an ordinary chemical reaction there occur no obvious changes in the quantity of matter. This is called the law of conservation of mass which is the fundamental concept in chemistry. Concepts of equilibrium, thermodynamics, and kinetics are generated on the basis of this concept. According to modern physics it is the energy that is conserved since mass is related energy. This theory is used by nuclear chemistry. In all chemical studies, energy and entropy contemplations are necessary and unavoidable. On the basis of structure, phase as well as chemical compositions, we can classify chemical substances into different categories. Spectroscopy and chromatography can be used for examining different chemical substances.

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