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New Perspective on Regulation by David A Moss, John A Cisternino


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New Perspective on Regulation by David A Moss, John A Cisternino

This is a thought provoking work on much debated topic on last few years i.e economic regulations and its perspective in today’s modern world. This book will be very useful for policy makers as well as scholars. This work is a collection of essays which have explored the new dimensions of economic regulations based on the observation of last thirty years of privatization and deregulation. Each essay is unique and has thrown light on economic regulation and its limits and its perspective in respect of the individual, society, market and international perspective. This works are distinct from the usual academic essays on social sciences. The eminent scholars of social sciences have focused on the practical problems faced by the policy makers in making economic regulations. 

The first essay of the book focuses on market failure and the extent of its adverse affects and outcomes. The second chapter approaches the subject on the perspective of human behavior and consumer expectation along with the market knowledge in framing regulations. Third and fourth chapters deal the significance of factors like social cooperation and risk management in framing economic regulations. The fifth chapter is very interesting as it speaks about reforming economic regulation on the basis of experimentation and evaluation of them like any other regulation. The last two essays are based on the recent developments like co regulations and economic regulation in international perspective in new economic order.


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