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From Exchange to Contributions by Christian Sietkes


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From Exchange to Contributions by Christian Sietkes

This is an interesting book and it deals with the newly coined concept of peer production. This mode of production is applied in respect of information technology and internet products. Christian Sietkes tries to apply this concept to production of other commercial goods. The objective of the book is to discuss the qualities and criteria needed to transform to Peer economy. This work is very concrete and systematic. The author has beautifully dealt the subject that the average reader without much background of economics will be able to follow it. By the time reader reach the end of the book his knowledge and ideas regarding peer production and its social and economical impact will be much clear.

The first two chapters discuss the main characteristics of peer production and its possible application to production of other products. The author makes a study of the problems faced in this method of production when applied to products other than information products and the solutions to overcome these obstacles in the following chapters. Then comes the turn of most significant chapters which discuss the characteristics of society where peer production is the primary mode of production. The eighth chapter of the book is very interesting as it discusses the lives of people in such societies where peer economy is in existence. The author’s extensive analysis and comparison of peer production will give a strong foundation for the reader to go further with this subject.


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