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Categories: Economics

From Exchange to Contributions by Christian Sietkes

This is an interesting book and it deals with the newly coined concept of peer production. This mode of production is applied in respect of information technology and internet products. Christian Sietkes tries to apply this concept to production of othe… more »
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New Perspective on Regulation by David A Moss, John A Cisternino

This is a thought provoking work on much debated topic on last few years i.e economic regulations and its perspective in today’s modern world. This book will be very useful for policy makers as well as scholars. This work is a collection of essays which… more »
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Wall Street by Doug Henwood

Wall Street like other works of Doug Henwood on economic affairs and finance is a product of intense study and analysis. He brings out the high financial transactions without human factor involve in it less profit motive. The author has closely examines… more »

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