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Democratizing Innovation by Eric Von Hippel


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Democratizing Innovation by Eric Von Hippel

Democratizing Innovation by Eric Von Hippel is an outstanding work. The author has beautifully dealt the subject of user innovation and sharing and its advantages and social impact in this book. The author has made the concept very clear by citing recent product development in the field of information technology as well as well as other physical products. The author very efficiently described the working of democratization of innovation by users and the factors which encourages this. The author has given a chapter wise overview of the subject in the introductory chapter which is very informative and useful. Von Hippel has given an outer sketch of the subject and then systematically moves on topics maintaining a smooth flow.

The author has begun the discussion from lead users who actually indulges in product improvement followed by the chapter which discusses the reason for the innovation of custom made products. The discussion is then focused on the factors based on which the user decide to innovate rather than buying from manufacturers. The users accuracy towards the custom made function of the product and the low cost of innovation which may not be possible for the manufacture that develop the produce aiming at large set of consumers is discussed in chapter fifth. This is followed by discussion on how and why users share this innovation and a glance to innovation communities. The chapter for policy makers to bring regulations to encourage such user innovation is very interesting. 


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