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New Perspective on Regulation by David A Moss, John A Cisternino

This is a thought provoking work on much debated topic on last few years i.e economic regulations and its perspective in today’s modern world. This book will be very useful for policy makers as well as scholars. This work is a collection of essays which have explored the new dimensions of economic regulations based on the observation of last thirty years of privatization and deregulation. Each essay is unique and has thrown light on economic regulation and its limits and its perspective in respect of the individual, society, market and international perspective. This works are distinct from the usual academic essays on social sciences. The eminent scholars of social sciences have focused on the practical problems faced by the policy makers in making economic regulations. 

The first essay of the book focuses on market failure and the extent of its adverse affects and outcomes. The second chapter approaches the subject on the perspective of human behavior and consumer expectation along with the market knowledge in framing regulations. Third and fourth chapters deal the significance of factors like social cooperation and risk management in framing economic regulations. The fifth chapter is very interesting as it speaks about reforming economic regulation on the basis of experimentation and evaluation of them like any other regulation. The last two essays are based on the recent developments like co regulations and economic regulation in international perspective in new economic order.


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Wall Street by Doug Henwood

Wall Street like other works of Doug Henwood on economic affairs and finance is a product of intense study and analysis. He brings out the high financial transactions without human factor involve in it less profit motive. The author has closely examines the working of American finance system in this book and its short coming. Doug Henwood has dissected the subject of economics and capital in the perspective of right and left wing and thrown light on what is actually happening with American financial system. This books reflects his thorough knowledge of Wall Street and his views expressed in this book raise concern about the working and real objective of stock exchange. 

The introductory part of the book is very informative and gives an overview of the subject followed by seven chapters which deals with different aspects of Wall Street and high finances. The first chapter deals with the instruments of trading and also gives a brief history of stock markets and stock exchange. The second chapter players of high finances and explain the terms like stock market credit in terms of a common man. The third chapter relates the Wall Street and other stock market with real world and social factors. The fourth and fifth chapter discusses the various economic theories in respect of current market and financial system and explains the concept of efficient market. The last tow chapters touched the subject of governance of market and areas where immediate reform is needed.


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Democratizing Innovation by Eric Von Hippel

Democratizing Innovation by Eric Von Hippel is an outstanding work. The author has beautifully dealt the subject of user innovation and sharing and its advantages and social impact in this book. The author has made the concept very clear by citing recent product development in the field of information technology as well as well as other physical products. The author very efficiently described the working of democratization of innovation by users and the factors which encourages this. The author has given a chapter wise overview of the subject in the introductory chapter which is very informative and useful. Von Hippel has given an outer sketch of the subject and then systematically moves on topics maintaining a smooth flow.

The author has begun the discussion from lead users who actually indulges in product improvement followed by the chapter which discusses the reason for the innovation of custom made products. The discussion is then focused on the factors based on which the user decide to innovate rather than buying from manufacturers. The users accuracy towards the custom made function of the product and the low cost of innovation which may not be possible for the manufacture that develop the produce aiming at large set of consumers is discussed in chapter fifth. This is followed by discussion on how and why users share this innovation and a glance to innovation communities. The chapter for policy makers to bring regulations to encourage such user innovation is very interesting. 


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