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Wood-Carving: Design and Workmanship by George Jack

This work of George Jack is mainly for the student and worker of wood carving. The objective of the book is to impart practical knowledge of the subject to both the group. The author speaks about significance of design and workmanship and the need of changes required in teaching this art. The author has started the subject from the level of a student and discussing the basic information about the tools and materials required in this craft. After reaching the middle of the book, the content of the book will of great value to the professionals involved in this craft. The handbook towards its end expects the reader to evolve an eye of the artist and discusses the complex field of wood carvings and its relation to other arts.

This handbook will surely serve the purpose of people engaged in wood carvings for livelihood as well for those intellectuals and artists interested in this subject. The first five chapters deals with the basic information regarding tools, equipments for sharpening tools and types of wood used in carvings. This information is followed by process involved in wood carvings and explaining it with simple designs. The author has undertaken discussions on topics in which the beginner often find difficulties. The author has cited famous carving works from ancient and medieval period and compared it with the modern carvings and its applications. The ending chapters deal with wood carvings with an artistic touch.

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