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Wildflowers of the Farm by Arthur Owens Cooke

This book is a study of wild flowers and the natural course of its growth and propagation. The author must be praise for undertaking research and study of a neglected field. This book examines many of the commonly found wild flowers in England like Dog violet. This book is written in the form of a narration of a visit to an old farm. The author in a very simple manner conveyed a great deal of information on the structure and propagation of wild flowering plants. The author has described the beauty of small thing which we often neglect in our materialistic life, like the blossoms of clover. The normal human tendency is to associate clover with fodder.

The author has carried on his discussion on wild flowers grown on various parts of Mr. Hammond’s farm. This book throws light on the various varieties of garden flowers which are originally derived from the wild flowers and some garden flowers which became wild. The author has described the different varieties of wild flowers which are grown in different parts of the farm. The description of the blossom of the commonly found weed plants will surprise the reader. After reading this book, we will be in a better position to admire and enjoy the greenery around us. The book can be read not only from the point of view of a botanist but for admiring this neglected beauty.

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