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Wild Flowers: An Aid to Knowledge of Our Wild Flowers and Their Insect Visitors by Neltje Blanchan

This is a fascinating book on the relation between the wild flowers and insects and their interdependence. This branch of nature’s study is very interesting and after reading this book the reader will have an enhanced knowledge and interest in this subject. The author has examined numerous varieties of flowers and examined the various physical characteristics like color, odor with which it attracts the insects which aid them in their propagation and perpetuation. This book has addressed the question of thriving of plants after adverse conditions, natural selection and migration of plants to new lands. This book will give a clear idea about the complicated chain of nature and the author deserves a big round of applause for writing this complex subject in terms and level of understanding of an average reader.

The author has described each variety of flowers by its physical properties followed by its habitat, flowering season and distribution and enters into a discussion on the method of fertilization. The author has mainly focused his discussion on the commonly found flowers in United States. This book has divided the flowers mainly on the basis of its colors.. The author has added few anecdotes associated with the observation of this natural interdependence of plants and insects in this book. Unless the reader is able to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the flowers will not be able to get along the book. The author goes on with the description of the flowers and the type of cross fertilization taking place in that species with the aid of the winged benefactors.

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