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The Whitehouse Cookbook-Cooking, Toilet and Household Recipes, Menus, Dinner-Giving Table Etiquette, Care of the sick, Health Suggestions, Facts Worth Knowing, Etc by F.L.Gillette and Hugo Ziemann

This book aims at one stop solution for the reader for the entire home needs. The authors have come up with a comprehensive book on household management covering almost areas of house keeping. The Title of the book “Whitehouse cookbook” and one of the author who himself served as a caterer of Prince Napoleon will surely increase the fascination of readers towards this book. The reader will not be disappointed after reading the book. The content of the book perfectly match with the title and the authors have exhibited the knowledge and skills they have acquired in their profession in this book. The best part of the book is these experts have not overlooked the nitty-gritty of household management which matters most to an average house keeper.

The subject of carving is given prominent importance by the authors and dealt in very beginning of the book. The authors have then moved to soups with meat and without meat, economic ways of extracting the stock for soups and the reader will be glad to find numerous recipes of varieties of delicious soups. There is a detailed discussion on seafood’s, poultries and meat. This is followed by salad, sauces and snacks and cakes. The chapter on seasonable food is very informative and will be very helpful. The only drawback of the book is content of the book is given in Alphabetical order so sometime its difficult for quick reference. This is a unique cookbook in itself with not only recipe but menu for your breakfast and dinner and lot of other information on household management.

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