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Wheat Growing In Australia By Australian Dept of External Affairs

This book is published by the external affairs department of Australian Government in 1915 in wake of global food crisis and need for increased production of wheat. This book is published with a vision of making Australia one of the greatest wheat producing country. Wheat is one of the important crops of Australian agriculture industry but a large area of wheat land was under utilized. This book describes the effort by the different state governments of Australia to implement the better techniques and provides better quality of seeds to the farmer. The state encouraged new settlement in wheat lands by providing all assistance. This book gives the details of expenses of starting a wheat farm by a new settler. The financial assistance is given by state run banks in all states to the new settler for initial investment.

This book gives lot of information about the economical and agricultural policies of the Australian government in the early years of twentieth century to increase wheat production. The state rich in resources and favourable climatic condition for wheat farming had a scarcity of man power. Share farming was also a method adopted to encourage new settlement. The development of railways in rural areas and a low freight is introduced to enhance wheat production. The greater productivity leads to greater overseas trades. With the advent of new settlement government has a greater concern for postal services, telephonic and telegraphic services. Thus agricultural development led to the overall development of a nation.

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