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Trees of the Northern United States Their Study, Description and Determination by A.C. Apgar

This book may be classified as a perfect handbook for a teacher as well as for a dedicated student of botany and for those who have a keen interest in understanding the flora around them. This book throws light on the significance of various parts of the plants in its contribution in the study of plant. This book has started from the very basic of botany, so that it can be easily followed by the school goers also. Most of the concepts are supplemented by illustration for better understanding in this book. The book begins with the study of general anatomy of plants and move further to the specific characteristics and classification of commonly found plants in northern United States.

The book is divided into tree parts. The first part deals with different parts of plants and its function and its role in its growth and propagation. A chapter is devoted to the study of plants during winter. The later two parts contains practical exercise for students to make specimen of different plants and understanding the specific characteristics of different plants for its identification. The third part deals with numerous varieties of plants found in northern United States and give a brief description and their classification. The author has done his best to avoid the technical terms; hence commonly used names of trees are also mentioned along with the scientific name of plants. This book will very helpful in classrooms as well as good for general reading.

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