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Tobacco, its History, Varieties, Culture, Manufacture and Commerce by E.R.Billings

This book by E.R.Billings is an informative book on tobacco. It gives the systematic knowledge to the reader on tobacco from its botanical details to general description, discovery, production and commercial use. This book contains around one hundred and seventy five illustrations of tobacco which throws light on the structure of tobacco plant and its various varieties, cultivation and use in different part of the world. These illustrations will give the picture of tobacco becoming the part of life of man in different region. This book has briefly discussed the medicinal effects of this herb. The bulk of the book is devoted to the cultivation of different varieties of tobacco in different regions and its commercial exploitation in different forms.

Though tobacco is used from time immemorial by natives of South America and East Indians, this book contains the interesting stories of discovery of tobacco and how it derived its name in the fifteenth century. This book gives a good account of spread of this herb in Europe and they encouraged its production in their colonies. This book will give an insight into the importance of tobacco industry in the history of fifteenth and sixteenth century. The influence of tobacco was not confined to merchants and politicians but poets and writers have also lot to tell about tobacco. The later half of seventeenth century became aware of the abuses and hazards of Tobacco and this book contains lot of great poems on tobacco use and its abuses. The description of implements used for consuming tobacco and the various customs and culture associated with tobacco is amusing.

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