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The Zij as-Sanjari of Gregory Chioniades (June 27, 2009) by Joseph Leichter

This book throws light on the great scholar Gregory Chioniades and his translation of az zij as sanjari meaning “the astronomical handbook of sanjar.” This book written as apart of the dissertation has made a close examination of the translation done by Gregory Chioniades and arranged the information more systematically. This translation is divided into twelve books and each book dealing with a particular area of Astronomy. Initially it may appear as if lots of broken information has been put together. But as soon as the reader reaches the main content of the subject will surely appreciate Joseph Leichter and Dr Pingree for this laborious effort from the bottom of their hearts. The twelve books sub divided into various chapters unfolds Astronomy as a highly evolved and separate branch of study.

The first book deals with the known epochs and calculation of days, months and years and special days mainly in Persian calendar. The following chapters deal in detail the astronomical calculations and the movements of various celestial bodies. The application of various geometrical formulae involving angles of sine are used in calculating the time and particular hours of the day in different cities has been described in this book. This book has given ways of calculating sunrise, sunset, duration of day, month, year, sequence of eclipse; zodiac signs and the list is exhaustive. Sometimes, the calculations made in this book appear too complex to understand with average knowledge of Geography and Mathematics. We can’t stop admiring the great writer of this book.

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