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The Witch-cult in Western Europe- A Study in Anthropology by Margaret Alice Murray

This is a fascinating book written on various aspects of myths and beliefs associated with witch craft in Western Europe. The author has made an intense study of various sources including judicial records on witch craft and came up with this wonderful piece of work. This book tries to trace the history of witch craft from the pre-Christian era and found hits roots backs in the studies of primitive man when agriculture was not fully developed. This book is a comparative study of witch culture with the other ancient religions and a sincere effort to throw light on the various customs, rituals and practices prevalent among the ancient man. This book makes a systematic study of witch culture as a religious cult and focuses on its hierarchical system and procedures and rules followed by its members and types of rites and organization in it.

This book will give the setback suffered by the witch cult and other local cults with the advent of Christianity in Europe and other parts of the world. This is an interesting book on witchcraft which neither fully accepts the supernatural powers of witch craft as neither projected by its followers nor deny the existence of such things on the basis of scientific theories. But he has put his best effort to analyze the information gathered from various sources and relate it to the primitive man and the customs and beliefs prevailed in the ancient world. The only drawback of this book is that the language used in some parts of the book is difficult to get along with and average readers have to skip some paragraphs of this book. Apart from that, this is a wonderful book giving various dark and light sides of witch craft.

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