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The Ten books on Architecture by Vitruvius Pollio

The ten books on architecture are originally written in Latin by Vitruvius Pollio. This English translation is made keeping in view and maintaining the original spirit and context of the original work. This translation has made an effort to simplify the complicated terms and phrases used in the original work. This book is divided into ten short books which throw light on the various aspects and areas of architecture and these short and concrete books will keep the reader focused to the subject. The author has done his best effort to cover all the spheres of the subject beginning from the basic qualification and qualities of an architect. All the ten books are devoted to different areas of architecture in the form of lectures and will be very useful for the students of architecture. This translation has extended this great work to a wider section of readers.

The first book deals with the very basics of architecture principles and city planning. The second book deals with the dwelling house and the materials with which it is made. The third and fourth book deals with the temple and its arrangement and other rules relating to temples. The fifth book deals with the construction and arrangement of public places. The sixth book deals with the style and symmetry of private houses and the seventh talk about beautification of these houses. The eighth book discusses different method of finding water. The ninth book deals with the study of celestial bodies and its effects on nature. The tenth book deals with the functions and principles governing machines. This book is a must read for anyone interested in philosophy, history and architecture.

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