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The story of the Heavens by Sir. Robert S. Ball

This book is written with a zest and passion for the study of Astronomy. The author has tried his best to answer the commonly raised questions from time immemorial about the Heavens and he has also mentioned the various notions prevalent among the ancient man. This book not only traces the development of Astronomy but it also discusses the various means and instruments which aided this development. The author has beautifully moved in this book by asking and explaining simple question into complex concepts. The illustrations followed by the descriptions are wonderful and very informative. This book has wide range of subjects, but everything is explained keeping in view the knowledge of an average reader.

The author has mapped the development in the field of Astronomy after the invention of telescope. The description of different kinds of telescope and its advantages are amazing. This book has also discussed the other instruments and their arrangements in the observatories. The progress in the study of the sun, moon, solar system, planets and stars are explained beautifully in this book. The various methods of studying the characteristics and phenomenon of these celestial bodies are also discussed in this book. This book has attempted to answer the questions posed by the ordinary observer of the sky with his naked eyes. This book will be a matter of great treasure and pleasure who loves to read about Astronomy.

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