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The Story of Eclipses by George F. Chambers

The story of Eclipses by George F. Chambers is a wonderful book on eclipses with special reference to the total solar eclipse of 1900. The author has tried to focus on all aspects of Eclipse from general believes to the scientific theory, the observation of the Astronomers and the historical data of Eclipses collected from various sources. The best possible effort is made in this book not to downpour the reader with vast information which may lead to confusion. In this book author has given emphasize on the various stages of eclipse and the different images visible during different phases of eclipses. This book will surely enrich our knowledge of eclipses and will be in a better position to observe and enjoy eclipses after reading this book.

The book began the discussion on eclipse with explaining the path followed by sun, moon and earth and how it comes in the way of each other. The method of calculating eclipse is very interesting and informative. Few chapters in this book are solely dedicated for the various images which can be seen during the eclipses. The discussion on solar eclipses becomes very interesting with the records of solar and lunar eclipses from various historical sources and the various mythologies and anecdotes associated with it. The method followed by the ancient people to calculate the eclipses and their knowledge of Astronomy will surely make the reader astonished. The book concludes with handful of tips for the observer for viewing the total solar eclipse of 1900 .

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