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The Sceptical chymist By Robert Boyle

This book on chemistry is class apart from all other works on chemistry. It is a brainstorm discussion in the form of conversation on various topics of science and philosophy by learned scholars Every aspect of a theory or hypothesis is cross examined and the experiments were questioned, opposed or established during this discussion. Robert Boyle has tried to induce scientific thinking in the mind of his readers through this work. This work will be very useful for the students interested in scientific studies and aspiring researchers of physical sciences to know the approach of great scientist and scholars towards the subject who left a legacy in the form of general principles of so many chemical phenomenon’s and components. This book also throws light on the various dilemmas faced by the great scientist to reach a concrete theory.

This work is a narration of the conversation between Eleutherius and Carneades and his friends on the topic of “The number of Elements or Principles.” Initially it will be very difficult to understand the point of discussion itself. Once the reader understands the point of discussion, this work will be of great interest for him. Sometimes the work appears so abstract that the reader will forget where he started. Please don’t give up after reading introductory preface and physiological consideration sections. Once the interlocutors touch the main topic, there is clarity of thoughts and it’s just amazing to be the audience of such great speakers. This is a complex piece of work so need to be reread for better understanding.

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