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The Production of Vinegar From Honey by Gerard W. Bancks

This is a very short and interesting book on preparation of vinegar from honey. This book gives a simple method of production of vinegar with honey and water with few additives for its proper fermentation. Vinegar prepared with this simple method is of very high quality both in its taste and other properties. The author has given a very simple method of production of vinegar with the most commonly available products in the household. The author has very well described the distinct quality of vinegar produced by honey in its color, aroma and taste. After reading this the reader will surely develop a strong desire to taste the superior vinegar made with honey.

The author has thrown light on the interesting facts about vinegar. The author has touched the history of vinegar and the various methods of its preparation and its medicinal uses also. The author has also discussed the difference in quality of vinegar produced with different kind of products and methods. The reader will be surprised by few unhygienic method of preparation of cheap vinegar and its injurious effects. The author also speaks about the common adulteration practices by vendors. Even if the reader is not interested in preparation of vinegar, can read this book for the information it contains about vinegar.

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