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The Prehistoric World, or, Vanished Races by Emory Adams Allen

This is an informative book on the study of prehistoric world. This book examines the various difficulties, methods and progress made in the field of study of human life in the prehistoric world. This book has discussed the basic of geological and astronomical theories to describe the environment of earth before the origin of life on earth. This section is followed by the description of development of different kinds of plants and animals on earth. The speculation regarding the existence of human life in last two geological ages is discussed in detail. The drastic changes in the atmosphere and geography of earth surface immediately before the appearance of primitive man on earth is beautifully analyzed. This book is more focused on finding the first appearance of man in Europe. The primitive state of man is studied in detail under Stone Age and is divided into two parts; The Paleolithic age, the old and Neolithic, the new stone age followed by the metal ages.

This book has given good account of the various sources and methods which gave this extensive knowledge regarding the primitive man and his surrounding. The scientific development followed in the field of various branches of science like Astronomy, Archaeology and Geology in nineteenth century has made it possible to break the long silence on this subject and come with this classic piece of work on the prehistoric era. The study of the relics of different age and gathering information is really amazing. The author has made his best efforts to correlate the various assumptions deducted from the study of relics of the remote ages to the present world and its geography and inhabitants. Man’s struggles for survival were reduced with the discovery and use of metals by primitive man and led to his development. This book will surely take the reader to the wonderful journey of evolution of mankind.

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