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The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed

This book of Harold Speed is different in its content and concept from its counterparts. This book emphasize on learning artistic drawing rather than mechanical drawings traditionally followed by most of the schools. The objective of teaching of drawing will be to guide the student and not to suppress the creativity of students by over teaching. For the author drawing is something more than form, color and paint. It involves an expression of ones emotions and feelings. The drawing lesson plan in this book is to bring out this hidden intuition inside the artist by showing the way to study and approach the works of great artists. The author has dealt the subject of academic drawing and artistic drawing under different heads. Hence this book is open to wider section of people interested in painting and drawing.

This book mainly deals with form in drawing. The discussion is kick started by the author by making the point very clear that drawing is more than mere reproduction of the form of an object on plane surface. Then he move forward to the technicalities of drawing beginning from vision to the first steps of drawings like outline drawing and mass drawing. The author advocates conventional drawing and moved on his discussion on study of drawings. The author has highlighted the very crucial information. Generally we associate rhythm with music; the author has discussed its significance in drawing. The last two chapters of this book are dedicated to procedures and materials needed for drawing. This book is by all means different from other books on drawing.

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