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The Poetry of Architecture or, the Architecture of the Nations of Europe Considered in its Association with Natural Scenery and National Character by John Ruskin

This is a wonderful book written by the distinguished writer John Ruskin. As usual his books come with a theme presented to the reader in a magnificent way and his words of wisdom echoes in the mind of the reader for a long time after finishing the book. This work focuses on the field of architecture but will take the reader to the thunderstorms of thoughts of philosophy and wider perspective of science of architecture. In this book he as not dealt with the technicalities of architecture but the subject of this book is architecture in harmony with nature. This book describes the difference in the style of architecture of various nations is due to difference in geographical and climatic conditions and the difference in necessities of the people inhabiting them.

John Ruskin has described this principle with numerous examples in this book from the architecture of small cottages to big individual villas in different parts of Europe. This book is divided into two parts. The first parts deals with the cottages of ordinary men and the second half deals with the individual villas. The beautiful description of the English and French cottages which is contrast to each other but in perfect harmony with nature and comfort of the inhabitant. He has also stressed the construction with the use of local raw materials to enhance the beauty of the architecture in the natural scenery. This work conveys that the architecture of a nation should reflect the peculiar and special features of that nation.

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