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The Natural History of Chocolate by Quelus

This book is originally written in French by Quelus and translated in English by R.Brookes M.D. This book extensively deals with the growth and properties of Cocao-tree and the medicinal value of its fruit. This book is written by the author after his fifteen years of close association with the chocolate trade and the people who originally grows Cocao-tree. Hence his work and ideas are distinct from the earlier authors who wrote on this subject. This book is divided into three parts. First part deals with the physical characteristics of Cocao-tree and its cultivation and fruit bearing properties of cocao-tree. The second part deals with the various properties of chocolate and also deals with the various prejudices about chocolate set by the earlier writers. The third part deals with the uses of chocolate.

The fruit of the cocao-tree is elaborately described in this book. The method of planting cocao-tree and tips and tricks of maintaining the nursery is given till the maturity of the fruit. The cocao nuts are gathered and sweated and dried. The process followed in different regions to prepare chocolate out of this cocao-nut is given in this book. The oil rich cocao-nut is distinct from other fruits. The author has discussed the good qualities of chocolates with giving examples. The last section of this book has dealt in detail of use of chocolates and its medicinal properties. The knowledge of making chocolates was passed by the original growers to other parts of the world and this process has evolved a lot depending upon the culture and customs of different region.

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