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The Natural History of Chocolate Being a Distinct and Particular Account of the Cocoa-Tree, its Growth and Culture, and the Preparation, Excellent Properties, and Medicinal Virtues of its Fruit by D.Quelus

This book presents an extensive and exhaustive study of the Cocoa-tree and various aspects of chocolate. This book is written based on author’s observations and experiments and years of close association and experience with people growing and processing chocolates. The author has questioned the various misconceptions associated with the properties of chocolates by earlier writers on this subject based on scientific experiments and inferences. As this book is not written by a subject expert in this field who rely more on earlier documents, this book both in its content and way of writing unique, innovative and thought provoking. Divided into three parts, the book gives a good insight into the distinct features of Cocoa-tree and the properties and use of chocolates is dealt in detail.

The first part of this book deals with the physical characteristics of Cocao tree which makes it distinct from all other trees. It also focuses on the cultivation of Cocao tree and various stages of growth of Cocao tree. The author has given special attention to the collection of Cocao nuts and the various methods followed in the process of preservation of Cocao nuts. The second part deals with the properties of chocolates and addresses the common misconceptions prevalent about chocolates. The third part deals with various uses of chocolates and different manners of preparing it from the dried and processed Cocao nuts. The concluding chapters briefly discussed the oil and butter derived from chocolates and the medicinal use of chocolates.

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