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The moon: A full Description and Map of its Principal Physical Features by Thomas Gwyn Elger

This book will be very useful for lunar professional as well as people who are interested in tracking the moon and studying its characteristics as a hobby. This book has dealt in detail the telescopic view of the moon and elaborately described the various images seen on the moon surface. This book has also discussed the various hypothesis associated with the development of moon and its physical characteristics. This book can be read with ease only with basic knowledge of observing moon and a passion for the subject. This book is very informative and it will not only enrich reader’s knowledge but also surely raise the reader’s interest in this subject and will be very useful in further research in this subject.

The author has given the history of progress of study of moon i.e. Selenography and a brief account of contribution of eminent observers in this field. The strict classification of various constituents seen on the moon surface is not possible, but the author has followed the wide classification into walled plains, mountain rings, ring plains, craters, crater cones, Crater lets, crater pits and depressions. This book has covered numerous questions like the illumination, temperature, existence of vegetation on moon. A good deal of information is available in this book on the study of moon in different phases and from different positions and the objects that can be observed on the moon surface in different quadrants.

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