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The Imagitoons Coloring Book by Mikal Shorts

This is an amazing coloring book. The book is full of funny pictures and children would love to color these wonderful sketches. The figures are very simple and the children of very young age will be able to color them. In these drawings kids have lot of space to apply their creativity. The comments added with each diagram are very apt and humorous. The simple and funny cartoons will surely attract everyone. Mikal Shorts deserves a big round of appreciation for coming out with such a simple and lively work. This can be given to kids for past time as well as for stimulating the creativity which is hidden in them.

This book cannot be shelved as simply as child book. The cartoons of Mikal Shorts Imagitoons Coloring Book will amuse the child in an adult also. These imaginary images will once again brush up the childhood creativity which was lost in today’s hectic schedule. If you desperately want to take a short break and meanwhile looking for some creative exercise for the brain, then this coloring book will be a perfect pick. This creative book will make you feel there are things beyond reason and logic and just for fun. There is something which you and your child can enjoy together.

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