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The Field and Garden Vegetables of America by Fearing Burr

This book discusses the propagation, culture and use of different varieties of vegetables used in America. This book contains the most commonly used vegetables and discusses the type of soil suitable for its cultivation and the kind of manure and fertilizers needed. This book also discusses the methods and time for its propagation. Apart from the other books and journals of horticulture it contains simple tips and tricks for the storage of vegetables in different seasons and methods to raise seeds for further cultivation. The major portion of this book is devoted to identify the different variety of numerous vegetables by its physical characteristics and season of perfection, productiveness and comparative value of cultivation. This book covers almost all commonly used vegetables in the kitchens of America.

The best part of this book is to follow this book the reader need not be an agriculturist or expert in horticulture. This is written in a very simple manner and will be a perfect guide and handbook for selecting the correct variety of plants for vegetable garden depending upon the kind of soil and climate. The author has covered variety of vegetables ranging from vegetable that actually belonged to different part of world and now became the part of American vegetable gardens. The author has put his best effort to gives as much as valuable information about the vegetables with its propagation and culture like nutritive value, alternative use, its storage etc.

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