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The Elements of Drawing in Three Letters to Beginners by John Ruskin

This book has efficiently dealt with the basic and general principles of drawing for the beginners. Though meant for beginners, the author has dealt the subject in its depth and all aspects and fields touched by the subject. This elementary book on drawing will be very helpful in understanding the subject as well as developing the qualities necessary to master the subject. As warned by the author this is not an easy manual. To read and pursue the general principles the student need to put their valuable time, hard work, perseverance and practice. This book is worth spending one’s time, money and effort. This book is truly different and distinct from other elementary books on drawing.

John Ruskin who is always famous for his writing in this elementary book on drawing has given three significant steps to learn the subject. The first step to learn drawing is to practice drawing and getting a firm hand on pencil and brush followed by observing simple objects and trying to draw them. The second step suggested by the great teacher and artist is sketching with nature. The third step is to train the students in identifying the techniques used by the great artists and learning them. This skill will make the students understand the great art of work. John Ruskin has focuses on those areas of drawing in which most of students failed because of lack of systematic knowledge.

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