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The Eighteenth Century in English Caricature by Selwyn Brinton

This book is the eighth volume from “The Langham series of art monographs’ written by Selwyn Brinton. This book is devoted to the state of affairs of English Caricature in the eighteenth century. The author has given an outer sketch of English caricature and its impact on English society and people and vice versa. The book reveals the author’s inspiration from the eighteenth century’s great caricaturist like Thomas Rowlandson, William Hogarth and James Gillray. The collection of illustrations of these great works of the great caricaturist of the eighteenth century is the main attraction of this book. The author also threw light on the life of the some of the great caricaturist of the eighteenth century.

This book will definitely change one’s attitude towards this art. This book unfolds the story of men of great art who with their pencil and brushes raised serious social and political issues .The reader will be in a better position to enjoy the underlying sarcasm of the funny images made by the men of great wisdom. The author has discussed the significance of this art in shaping the public opinion and political thought of English people in the eighteenth century. The works of the great caricaturist has served as a means to understand the plight of people in that period of time. The interesting part of the book is that the author has also cited the criticism faced by the great artist from different section of society for their works.

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