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The Easiest Way in Housekeeping and Cooking Adapted to Domestic Use or Study in Classes by Helen Campbell

This is a marvellous book on housekeeping and cooking by Helen Campbell. The author has truly understood the need of a handbook on housekeeping and cooking after her years of experience with various cooking schools and come up with this outstanding work. This book is entirely different from the ordinary cookbooks and household management books available in the market. This book is written keeping in view the practical aspects of cooking and house keeping in an ordinary house. This handbook will be very useful as it suggests the most convenient ways of household science and due care has been taken not to confuse the reader by suggesting different ways of doing the same thing.

This book has made a start with the topics of primary concern of household management location, ventilation, drainage and water supply. This is followed by suggesting an organized and systematic routine for daily household work, cleaning and washing. The author has given equal weight age for the understanding of the principles of household management and working and composition of the human body in this book. The main objective of the household management is the well being of its members. Hence the rest of the book is devoted to healthy eating habits and its relation to good health. This all is supplemented by delicious recipes of soups, seafood’s, meat, salad and sauces and delicious vegetable dishes and quick breakfast recipes. After reading this book, the cooking will be done judiciously and in more effective manner.

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