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The Cooking Manual of Practical Directions for Economical Every Day Cookery by Juliet Corson

This cooking manual is distinct and very different from its counterparts available in the market. This work of Juliet Corson speaks about economic and efficient ways of cooking. This cooking manual if seriously followed and implemented will surely bring down the unnecessary expenses and wastages in our kitchens. There are simple rules but surely cut the bulk of expenditure and will be able to serve more nutritious food to the family. The reader will be glad to find that there are cost effective ways of preparing their favourite dishes without compromising the taste and flavour. This book also has numerous recipes for every course of meal.

The author has given the first step towards the judicious cooking is economic marketing. Then step by step preparations of various dishes in systematic and cost effective ways. This cooking manual will surely serve as a guide for an average home maker to serve more dishes on dinner table by spending less. The varieties of soups followed by amazing fish recipes and quick to prepare relishes and various varieties of side dishes will leave the reader bowled over. There are chapters with devoted for children and sick people were the priority is high nutritive value food. There is an interesting chapter which will give an insight into the preparation of cheap (in term of money) meat dishes.

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