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The Colonial Architecture of Philadelphia by Frank Cousins and Phil. M. Riley

The city of Philadelphia has enjoyed a special place in American history for its men of great intellect, culture and its diversity of natural resources. This book is devoted to the salient features of the architecture of colonial Philadelphia. As the history and architecture of the colonial Philadelphia is inseparable, the book has given the brief history of Philadelphia and the influence of European craftsman and carpenters to the local architecture. There was a change in raw materials as well as techniques used for the construction of houses with the increase in prosperity of the country. The colonization of Philadelphia has witnessed the development of townships as well as large country houses in suburbs of Philadelphia. This book has given individual attention to the architectures of colonial Philadelphia as far as possible.

This book is very informative and it has described the various types of construction and ground plans giving examples and most of the time followed by illustrations. The history of various houses in the city limits of Philadelphia, constructed in the late seventeenth and eighteenth century is very interesting. The book has also described the different types of country houses in different parts of Philadelphia with a touch of the local area. But this book has not gone into the technicalities of the architecture of colonial era. The book has touched the culture reflected, the change in pattern of cities and life of Philadelphia while describing the architecture of Colonial Philadelphia.

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